Say it a couple of times. Thirty five years. Thirty five years. It's unbelievable, but thats how long it's been since Phil LaSorda and I, and several others, started the first steps towards what would become a big movement in comics. From the first planning, lo, those many summers ago, to conventions we made our mark in with early appearances and brazen entries like Comico Presents, we were just a small part of it, at the beginning, but we were there at the start; and it's safe to say that our enthusiasm and efforts made a big difference. I was building an illustration and commercial art enterprise, eventually being lured to the Majors and into a commercial and medical art career, moving away from Phil and the others; however, I'm glad my first studios and projects, as well as ComicCompany A, had such an involvement back then, in what turned out to be several of the industry's important milestones and trendsetters. The Next Man, which I created with Marvel veteran writer Roger Mc Kenzie, is a favorite, I'm finding out, and  a big influence on some of todays biggest creators. It turned enough heads for what became a core book not only for one of the major independents spinoffs I co-founded and contributed to, Comico, (nearly 100,000 unit sales for the first two issues alone) but also a ground breaker and lesson for comic creator rights; as I had to retrieve the rights back from the ever floundering Comico, frenetic, eclectic, wonderful, and flawed as it was after I left it, who erroneously (but most probably accidentally) filed the copyright of the creator owned book in it's own name. But we were young ourselves. And although Phil has since passed on, his influence on the creation of the independents cannot be understated, along with my contributions and the contributions of countless other associates. And just as important, it will now lay the ground work for a whole new group of properties, attitudes, projects and innovations, not just from myself but also a variety of others now, as well, with the same zest and life that those early concepts had. As I think back, moving from my first efforts with Comico and ComiCompany A, thru advertising, medical and commercial art, to the major assignments I had as regular penciller on books like DC's Infinity Inc,and others, I look ahead, for the same zeal and success to be found, rechristened and invigorated,  in an entire spectrum of super heroes and concepts to be found online and in print from Comici, the Incredible Independent Comic Company!!!

       The C reative O ven tm
Once proposed to DC, Commandoes: Cosmos was shelved when I was handed the creative reins on Infinity Inc. It will now be one of the flagship books for Comici, along with the introduction of other established and new properties.
Phil and I first began hatching our alternative comic plot at the Phil Seuling conventions back in 1976-78, but there were proto type characters even before this, and obviously, other contributors as well, later; The early Comico/ComicCompany A  material that blossomed thru the eighties and into the nineties, around the same period that I began my comics and advertising .
Phil La Sorda
Vince Argondezzi
Comic Company A(Comici) studios will be celebrating 35 + years in advertising , comics, and medical and commercial illustration. In that time the studio and publisher has worked for or with some of the biggest names in entertainment and media. Comic Company A, which still holds the rights to several Comico and early independent efforts, as well as Comici, which has been involved in medical and commercial communications, looks for the future in new projects and avenues of distribution!!!

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